Professional djembé and skin drum repair services

We repair djembés, congas, bongos, bass drums and ngomas (southern African drum). Quality drum repair, skinning, tightening and tuning for a perfect sounding drum.

  • Full reskin service of the djembe drum, including the replacing, tightening and tuning of the skin.
    • Small djembe €50
    • Medium djembe €65
    • Large djembe €80
  • Additional services:
    • replacing old rope
    • replacing or repairing the metal rings
    • wood and body repair (i.e. sealing wood cracks and treatment with wood oil)
    • price depending on work to be done from €40 and up
  • Tightening and tuning of the djembe drum skin (if reskinning is not necessary) €40
  • Re-skinning and fixing of other types of skin drums. Contact for price.

Other drum repairs

We also do repairs and replace skins of other types of drums with natural skin. Djembés are made with goatskin, bongos, doundouns and congas with a cowskin. If you have a drum with one of these types of skin we can help you. We also repair drums with wild animal skins (for example camel, antelope) if we have the desired skin in stock.

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Djembe drum repair
Djembe drum repair