Learn to play Kalimba (Nyunga Nyunga) (2016)

Written by Charlotte & Dingiswayo Juma

learn to play kalimba

The first edition of “Learn to play Kalimba” is an introduction to the maintenance, construction, tuning and playing of the 15-key African lamellophone Kalimba, also called Nyunga Nyunga. This small but jampacked 20 page self-teach book features four Zimbabwean songs in a travel-friendly ringbound A5 format. Includes an audio CD with the songs played on Kalimbas in G major.

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Available online at KalimbaShop or order via jumadrums@gmail.com.


Album Dingiswayo Juma (2009)

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Available at our online shop at KalimbaShop or order via jumadrums@gmail.com.

Dingiswayo Juma Album 2009 self-titled ‘Dingiswayo Juma’. Features traditional and contemporary African mbira and drumming music from Southern and West-Africa. Songs are performed and arranged by Dingiswayo Juma, mbira player and maker from Zimbabwe.


  1. Kalimba
  2. Noah
  3. Valiha
  4. Tambai
  5. Hupenyu
  6. Chibhanduru
  7. Mohororo
  8. Chipembera
  9. Snodia