We offer live African music performances and masterclasses for social and official events such as functions, weddings, conferences, (birthday) parties, festivals, family and social events. We provide both entertaining and educational performances suitable for all ages.

African music performances & entertainment

african music performances

West African drumming duo/ensemble

West-and South African Drumming, Djembe and bass drum rhythms and vocals

Suggested for: welcoming guests at a party or function, reception/cocktail music, outdoor events, festival, upbeat vibe

african music performances

Contemporary African music duo/ensemble

Contemporary mixed sounds from the African continent traditional, pop and jazz performed on a variety of instruments piano, djembe, percussion, guitar, mbira, kalimba and vocals.

Suggested for: lunch/dinner entertainment, festivals, weddings, theatres, parties, social events

african music performances

Zimbabwean mbira and kalimba music solo/duo/ensemble

The soothing sound of southern African lamellophones Mbira and Kalimba music, Traditional Zimbabwean music and songs

Suggested for: functions, conferences, weddings, background music, yoga and spiritual events

Dingiswayo Juma Demonstration Mbira

Educative interactive performance

  • Traditional African music demonstration for adults

Interactive performance where the audience learns and experiences the playing and making of traditional African instruments djembe, bass drum, mbira and kalimba.

Suggested for: festival, cultural event, museum, arts centre, library

  • Interactive African music show for children

Interactive performance where the children learn and experience the playing and making of African instruments such as the djembe, bass drum, mbira and kalimba. They also get experience African music, sing and play rhythms. Combination of a performance and workshop.

Suggested for: birthday party, kids event, theatre, arts centre, museum

Are you looking for an activity where you participate and make music? We offer various interactive African music workshops.